This online Automotive Technology (AT) Academy has been created by Tom Denton, a leading Automotive author with over 40 years of relevant experience, and 20 published textbooks that are used by students and technicians worldwide. More about the author here. The aims of the academy are to:

  • Improve automotive technology skills and knowledge
  • Provide free access to study resources to support the textbooks
  • Create a worldwide community of automotive learners
  • Freely share automotive related information and ideas
  • Reach out to learners who are not able to attend school or college
  • Improve automotive training standards and quality


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Advanced Automotive Fault Diagnosis (4th ed.) explains the fundamentals of vehicle systems and components and examines diagnostic principles as well as the latest techniques employed in effective vehicle maintenance and repair.

Diagnostics, or fault finding, is an essential part of an automotive technician's work, and as automotive systems become increasingly complex there is a greater need for good diagnostics skills.

Automobile Electrical and Electronic Systems (5th ed.) become increasingly more complex and fundamental to the workings of modern vehicles, understanding these systems is essential for automotive technicians.

This fifth edition includes information on developments in pass-through technology, multiplexing, and engine control systems.

Automobile Mechanical and Electrical Systems (2nd ed.) concentrates on core technologies to provide the essential information required to understand how different vehicle systems work. It gives a complete overview of the components and workings of a vehicle.

It also explains the necessary tools and equipment needed in effective car maintenance and repair, and relevant safety procedures are included throughout.

Electric and hybrid vehicles (2nd ed.)

Electric and hybrid vehicles are now the present, not the future. This straightforward and highly illustrated full colour textbook is endorsed by the Institute of the Motor Industry and introduces the subject for further education and undergraduate students as well as drivers and technicians.

This new edition includes a new section on diagnostics and completely updated case studies. It covers the different types of electric vehicle, costs and emissions, and the charging infrastructure, before moving on to explain how hybrid and electric vehicles work.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles begins with an overview of the subject, before outlining what is meant by alternative fuels, why they are necessary, and why climate change and associated legislation are key drivers. Details of how alternative fuels are made, the supply infrastructure, and how these vehicles work are all included.

A chapter on engine management includes coverage of combustion as an aid to understanding why changing the type of engine fuel is complex. Real-life case studies and examples illustrate different technologies in use.

Automated Driving Vehicles are set to transform the world and are here already undergoing serious testing in several countries.

This book explains the technologies in language that is easy to understand, and is accessible to all readers. It covers the subject from several angles but in particular shows the links to existing ADAS technologies already in use in modern vehicles.


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