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Battery Positive Voltage


Body CAN or Basic CAN


British Association old standard size of threads."

B.S. Kite Mark

British Standards Kite Mark. The symbol of the British Standards Institute consisting of a triangle on its point with a capital B on its side above the triangle and a capital S inside the triangle.


British Standard Fine size of thread."

Babbitt Metal

An alloy of tin, copper, antimony and lead used as a coating for plain steel bearings.

Back EMF

A voltage produced that tends to oppose the voltage that created it.

Back Plate

(1) Non-rotating plate carrying the shoes of a drum brake. (2) Metal member carrying friction material of the disc brake pad.

Back Pressure

The pressure build-up in the exhaust caused by the resistance to exhaust flow by pipe diameters and muffler baffles. Used in design to balance an exhaust to an engine.


Technique of sanding a surface to taper the paint film away from the metal repaired area.

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