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Automotive words, phrases and abbreviations.

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An undercoat that enhances adhesion by providing a barrier between the underlying paint and the new paint. Provides uniform colour holdout and an even, level surface for topcoat application.

Sealing Ring

A rubber (or similar material) ring that fits in or against an item to make an air or liquid tight seal.

Sealing Strip

Gasket to prevent leaks.

Search Engine

A program that enables you to locate information on the World Wide Web using keyword searches.


A machined face for making a good seal when matched with a valve.

Secondary Brake

Back up brake system, either mechanical or a split line hydraulic layout.

Secondary Cells

The cells of a rechargeable battery.

Secondary Shoe

Trailing shoe in a drum brake.

Secondary Winding

The high tension (secondary circuit) coil of wire in an ignition coil.


The development of tiny insoluble particles in paint (in the can) which results in a rough or gritty film.

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