Green Wheels

Project Green Wheels aims to create open learning materials in the newly emerging field of Operation, repair and service of hybrid and electric vehicles, by using innovative methods and approaches such as Critical thinking, Inquiry-based learning, Collaborative learning, Flipped classroom, Peer Instructions etc.  The project focuses on improving and enriching teacher methodology through innovative methods, extensive teacher trainings and mentoring.

The project intends to develop a new professional curriculum using EU criteria (ECVET-EQAVET) designing competencies for Operation, repair and service of hybrid and electric vehicles through innovative e-learning materials and work based learning activities. The projects will create tangible and intangible results such as: complex online learning management system (LMS), e-learning modules and worksheets for practical assignments, online picture-based explanatory dictionary in all project languages, blended learning resources, ECVET system in the VET in the automotive industry of hybrid and electric vehicles in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary and the United Kingdom.

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