AT Hybrid Simulation

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It only costs £19.95 to register the program – but you are welcome to try it out for free. The code to ‘unlock’ the full program will be emailed to you ASAP after payment is made.

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The program is a combination of electronics and diagnostics. The program concentrates on engine management, and hybrid EV systems. The software is fully functional but runs out of fuel! It should, therefore, be registered if you continue to use it to prevent the tank leaking. Please support shareware and register if you continue to use the program.

The program allows you to ‘drive’ the vehicle or directly change inputs to systems such as the EV drive and the engine management. The computer (just like the computer in a vehicle), will calculate the outputs of the system.

An oscilloscope, multimeter and scanner are included for checking faults and live data.

A simulation of the high voltage battery is included together with startup and shutdown simulations and de/re-energisation procedures.

HV battery simulation of the cells:

Startup and shutdown process:

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