AT Hybrid Simulation (latest version)

UNDER DEVELOPMENT Download here (draft version only)

FREE for Green Wheels users until 2020!

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AT Electronics Classic version

This older simulation program is INTERACTIVE software that helps you learn how engine management and other systems work.

Its all to do with INPUTS and OUTPUTS. Click here to download the program setup files (4MB) and here to access the help manual. And here for download and installation instructions.

It only costs £12 (about $15) to register the program – but you are welcome to try it out for free. The code to ‘unlock’ the full program will be emailed to you ASAP. Click the button to pay by PayPal:

The main AT program is a combination of electronics and diagnostics. Learn how complex systems work AND how to diagnose faults with them. The program concentrates on engine management, starting and charging. A MultiScope program is included. The software is fully functional but runs out of fuel! It should, therefore, be registered if you continue to use it to prevent the tank leaking…

Try before you buy but please support shareware and register if you continue to use the program.


The program allows you to ‘drive’ the vehicle or directly change inputs to systems such as engine management. The computer (just like the computer in a vehicle), will calculate the outputs of the system. Engine management is the main area covered but many other systems are available for use. The system can be set to provide telemetry to MultiScope as the car is driven round the Silverstone circuit!


This part of the program is designed to assist with diagnosing faults in automotive systems. It is ideal to help students and technicians alike to develop their diagnostic skills. The comprehensive diagnostic routines are part of the program. These can be printed for use in the workshop. A step by step process helps you track down any fault. “An ideal training aid for colleges and training centres” A MultiScope program is used to test the operation of sensors and actuators. Faults can be set to allow practice of diagnostic techniques.

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